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Welcome to the earth's hottest digital transformation solutions company, where we fuse digital ingenuity with business consulting rigour to raise the bar in the digital age.

What We Do

Equator is a global centre of excellence for technology and innovation by DDB Worldwide. The first satellite office is based in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. It draws students from various disciplines to co-create prototype concepts for commercial and societal needs.

The first-of-its-kind Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Technology and Innovation is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

Business Consultancy

Grow, expand and innovate for the better.

We’re here to provide end-to-end information, communication and technology (ICT) solutions to innovate and deliver growth.

  • Contextual Insights: from customer, competitor, commercial, data, technology and colleague perspectives – evolving into the future
  • SWOT Diagnostics: analysis of current strengths and weaknesses
  • Opportunity Analysis: expanding the possibilities, identifying things to fix, doing it better and doing it differently
  • Growth acceleration: integrated campaign plan and engagements to enhance potential markets
Data Science

Driving growth through data and analytics.

Information is the key to unlocking business opportunities. And we excel in the analysis of data that will lead to increased profitability and competitive advantages.

  • Comprehensive Competitive Data Strategies
  • KPI framework development
  • Predictive modelling & analytics
  • CRM data analytics & strategy
  • Recommendation of Big Data & Data Science tools
  • Training and capability building
Consumer Experience

Transforming business through world-class CX.

We create holistic consumer experiences, encompassing both digital and physical ecosystems for innovative and unforgettable experiences.

  • Customer experience strategy
  • Research and user testing
  • Experience principles and guidelines
  • Journey mapping and Information Architecture
  • Lo-fi and high-fi experience prototyping
  • Website and app UX
  • Omnichannel experience design including e-commerce
  • Workshops, Training and capability building
  • Rapid Prototyping & Agile Iterations
Technology Consultancy

Crafting technical solutions for your business.

Bespoke customer experiences built upon integrated platforms with large enterprise systems to suit your specific brand and consumer needs.

  • Technology Consultancy
  • Front-end development utilising the latest technologies to deliver gorgeous, fit-for-purpose experiences
  • Systems Development & Integration with an expertise in both opensource and proprietary CMS solutions
  • Mobile App Development in both iOS and Android
  • Retail / Experiential Design & Development for VR, AR and physical installation development
Creative & Social

Creating conversations and conversationalists through content.

Take charge of what’s being said, turn the right heads and cut through the clutter in today’s world.

  • Definitive Holistic Communications Strategy
  • 360 Social Media Content Strategy
  • Brand Experience Principles and guidelines across channels
  • Innovative Content Creation and Conceptualisation
  • Idea Generation
  • Social Media Management

Emerging Technologies

Agile and rapid prototyping methodology to bring to life new emerging technologies and innovation for businesses and communities.

Periodic Table

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Our Works

Discover our innovative solutions for both commercial and community projects.

Who We Are

Meet our core team of hands-on practitioners – change agents, seasoned marketers and visionary technologists with impressive global experience.

Jeff Cheong
A hands-on marketing practitioner with over 20 years of experience, Jeff is a serial innovator who implements digital business transformation ideas for global brands.
Leslie Goh
Managing Partner
Hailing from a multidisciplinary background in both digital marketing and technology sectors, Leslie has successfully led and delivered highly complex technology products and solutions that are personalised, agile and innovative.
Raymond Hiew
Associate Project Director
With a passion for bringing solutions to life, Raymond brings with him 14 years of experience in project management, rich media development and account servicing on a local and regional scale.
Yak Yih Cheng
Director, Business Technology, Data & CRM
YC bridges business and technology, bringing business growth to clients through digital transformation for the last 15 years. His business acumen converts analytical data into actionable insights, for better online customer experiences, CRM and operation optimisation.
Herry Budiyanto
Principal Consultant, Technology
Herry is a technology evangelist with a passion for digital business transformation. His enthusiasm for innovation has led him to develop world-class solutions for leading brands like StarHub, NETS, Singapore Tourism Board and Health Promotion Board.
Jue Lu
Head of User Experience
An award-winning User Experience (UX) specialist with deep expertise in multichannel and emerging experiences, Jue excels in thinking creatively and strategically to define experiences that first meet consumer needs while satisfying business objectives.
Leon Ng
Innovation Catalyst
Leon is an originator of high-quality enterprise solutions, with over a decade of extensive knowledge in User Experience (UX), front-end and back-end programming systems and Adobe Experience Manager.
Neo Chun Guan
Digital Catalyst / Experience Planner
A black belt technologist with 13 years experience in mobile applications, back-end and front-end programming systems, Neo has worked with top brands such as SAP, Starwood, Hewlett Packard, Apple and Microsoft.
Vanessa Yeo
Associate Director – Innovation Practices
A creative technologist with a passion for people, their environments and the way the two interact, Vanessa constantly comes up with new ways of solving existing problems through innovation, user experience design and business strategy.

Our Clients

Japan National Tourism Organization
Johnson & Johnson

Contact Us

Level 10 Pico Creative Centre,
20 Kallang Avenue,
Singapore 339411
Tel: +65 6671 4488
Fax: +65 6671 4449 / +65 6671 4440

Press Room

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DDB Worldwide launches global centre of excellence for technology and innovation in Singapore
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Director, Corporate Marketing
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